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Jungle Scenes

Inspired by the wild and untamed spirit of the Jungle, with this Jungle theme we explore the tropical vibrancy of Flora and Fauna of our most important natural resource. The dash of colours of exotic birds, alluring animals, strikingly beautiful .. view more

Floral Inclination

Man has eternally been captivated by the charm and elegance of Nature, especially by the delicate beauty of flowers. In this theme we explore the innumerable colour shades ranging from vibrant purple of Lavenders to subtle peach of Hibiscus…. view more


The concept of paradise as garden is a very ancient one predating Islam by centuries. The key elements of exuberant foliage like cypress trees, hawthorns, Wild cherry in the gardens..
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Dazzling Ikat

Though Ikat Claims its origin from all over Asia, Central Asia and some parts of Africa, but it is a rage these days- as trendy as anything ancient can ever claim to be…
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Kalamkari Finesse

From the first representation of Kalamkari art as religious paintings, depicting Indian gods and goddesses to the process of gaining recognition during the reign of Mughal dynasty …..
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Moroccan Inspiration

Explore the profound, picturesque art
form, from the Western Sahara, in our range of the daily use, home décor and office and home accessories.
Moroccan style home decorating invites rich color to bring uniqueness. elit
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Graceful Peacock

Peacock is widely accepted for its elegancy, gracefulness and majestic beauty. The constitution stands supreme in the wide range of products that exaggerates the home décor and lifestyle.
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Pristine Turkish

The art design from the land of East and West carries a perfect unity of color, line and rhythm. The wonderful art design to embellish the home and office accessories magnificently to add an elegant and opulent appeal.
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Majestic Paisley

Paisley an exquisite and eternal art form of Asian origin, appreciated across the globe, brings additional grace, charm and embellishment to our array of products from dining products to office accessories.
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Elephant Majesty

Experience the Royalty though beautifully created artworks on our home decor, dining product and daily use accessories.
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Camel Glory

Camel reflects in the art form that originated from the land of Rajasthan that embellishes the lifestyle along with home décor to the accessories.
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Sylvan Egyptian

Kolorobia’s latest collection is influenced by the mythology prevalent in the city of sun and sand that is Egypt. Ancient Egyptians were firm believers of God and considered Nature as the best gift bestowed upon them by the Almighty.
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Truck Art

The Indigenous art form of painting trucks in South Asia esp. Pakistan features traditional folk imageries, floral patterns, poetic calligraphy and other ornamental decors.
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Ornate Mughal

Mughals made love of Arts and aesthetic principles very important in their rule which became a central part of their identity. Muslim architecture also believed in ornamental decoration…
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