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Classic Mugs - Fruti d Italia

Sale price₹ 445.00
Select Artwork: Blushing Lemon

Enjoy the sight of gorgeously depicted healthy lemons on this ceramic mug while relishing every sip of your herbal tea or decaf coffee. Kolorobia has come up with an interesting theme of fruits that are an essential part of Italian food culture and lemons contribute majorly to that. The traditional way of cooking Italian cuisine involves the usage of the citric flavors of lemons to enhance the taste. This hand-painted design of lemons is the result of diligent efforts made by our artist. However, it was later put on the surface using the latest technique which enables a long life of the alluring print. The bonnie illustration of these citrus fruits is what brings this stoneware mug to life and makes it a standout among any tableware collection.

Length - 8cm

Breadth - 8cm

Height - 10cm

Weight - 329gm