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Silver Mugs - Plums From Italy

Sale price₹ 325.00
Color: silver
Select Artwork: Plums From Italy

While you pour tea, coffee, or even juice for yourself to unwind, this captivating mug will give you a pleasant company to enhance the experience. While curating beautiful designs inspired by Italian fruits, our artist has hand-painted these lovely purplish-blue plums which were later printed on the mugs to last their impression. From topping bread/yogurt/pancakes with plum preserves to cooking delectable dishes using plums, Italian cuisine puts this fruit, cultivated in the native land, to good use. Such is the contribution of these Italian plums adorning the ceramic mug here. Grab one for yourself and make a pretty addition to your tableware collection.

Length - 8cm

Breadth - 8cm

Height - 10cm

Weight - 329gm