Rubber Trivets

Rubber Trivets

The Round Rubber Trivet Set is heat resistant and stain proof. Use these under a hot pot, to protect. Multi-use - Water permeable and great for plants, pots, shock-absorbing coaster, Great for DIY ideas, create wall art or use for anti-shock mat for the fishbowl, Heat, and Stain Resistant - Rubber trivets naturally hold up against heat and stains. Our rubber trivets are made with Ultra-durable Eco-friendly designer materials to ensure long life.


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Rubber Trivets (Set of 2) - Pristine TurkishRubber Trivets (Set of 2) - Pristine Turkish
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Rubber Trivets (Set of two)- Ornate MughalRubber Trivets (Set of two)- Ornate Mughal