In the eighteenth century, the classic French doilies were embroidered with such intricate details that they became a desirable decor for every other house. Initially limited to being an ornamental napkin for desserts, the elegant design of doilies is nowadays used in versatile ways of table decor. Bringing the formerly classic taste back to your tables, Kolorobia presents a premium line of doilies crafted with the fine fabric of organza and embroidered with OEKO Tex certified threads. From being coasters for your sophisticated tableware to being gorgeous covers for your glasses & mugs, the abundance of grace carried by these exclusive doilies, fraught with premium embroidery and fine details, will certainly add a charm to your tablescape.


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French Doilies - Classic FloralFrench Doilies - Classic Floral
French Doilies - Classic Floral Sale priceFrom Rs. 1,045.00
French Doilies - Love
French Doilies - Love Sale priceFrom Rs. 865.00
French Doilies - Cherry BlossomFrench Doilies - Cherry Blossom
French Doilies - Cherry Blossom Sale priceFrom Rs. 695.00
French Doilies - FloralFrench Doilies - Floral
French Doilies - Floral Sale priceRs. 1,195.00
French Doilies - White LustreFrench Doilies - White Lustre
French Doilies - White Lustre Sale priceRs. 965.00
French Doilies - LotusFrench Doilies - Lotus
French Doilies - Lotus Sale priceFrom Rs. 765.00
French Doilies - Lustre DustFrench Doilies - Lustre Dust
French Doilies - Lustre Dust Sale priceFrom Rs. 1,095.00
French Doilies - LaceFrench Doilies - Lace
French Doilies - Lace Sale priceFrom Rs. 865.00