Ashtray - Sylvan Egyptian

Select Artwork: Egyptian Tranquility
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While you are at your puffs, this dainty ashtray will take care of hodgepodge created by ashes and stubs. Serving aesthetics and function together, this crystal ashtray has a fetching illustration of beautiful Egyptian artwork right there at the center. Care to enhance your tablescape with this one?

Delicately designed with the finest crystal clear glass and finished to perfection for smooth edges and texture, this exclusive ashtray can enhance your decor. What makes this ashtray extraordinary is the Egyptian artwork designed by our artist especially for Kolorobia’s collection to bring art into your lives. The exquisite patterns provide aesthetics to the overall crystal ashtray. If you are looking for a decent tray to crush your cigarette, this one will pass your expectations test with flying colors. It will also make a fantastic gift for your friends. Order it now and receive a complimentary gift box from us.