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Decorative Wall Plate - Peacock Admiration

Sale price₹ 1,095.00
Select Artwork: Charismatic Peacock
Size: 7 Inch

Native to the Indian subcontinent, the Peacock is widely regarded as a symbol of royal divinity, immortality, and grandeur through Roman mythology, Greek philosophy, traditions of Islam, and almost all cultures of the World.

These iconic birds exude elegance, grace, and majestic beauty with their vibrant, royal blue or emerald green body and metallic green-blue hues on the plumage that are marked with embellished eyespots. Portrayed widely in art, literature, and philosophy throughout cultures, the Peacock Energy will breathe new life into your spirituality and reinforce integrity to your faith.

7 Inch Plates -

Length - 18cm

Breadth - 18cm

Height - 2cm

Weight - 270gm

10 Inch Plates -

Length - 25.5cm

Breadth - 25.5cm

Height - 3cm

Weight - 620gm