Art is everywhere and has a huge impact on our moods and emotions, inspiring us to process our experiences and understand the world around us.

A beautiful piece of art is a joy forever, especially at home, drawing & dining, kitchen, study or office, restaurant, café, etc where we spend a lot of time. An Art piece on the wall is like icing on the cake which makes it taste better, gives calmness & happiness gives a sense of perfection, and a new angle to your design idea.

Wall décor is a very important thing when it comes to creating a positive ambiance, sense of innovation, decorating the space for enhancing the freshness for its incredible hues. A wall décor product adds an instant color palette, a focal point, and peps up an ordinary wall thus beautifying the entire room giving it the final finishing touch making it stylish and trendy.

One of the many wall decoration products that are available, trending, and in-demand right now, is ceramic decorative wall plates. Hanging plates on the wall is nothing new. In 1972, the New York Times declared in a headline “Decorative Plates—Not Fine Art, But They’re Good As Gold,”. It was very common in the past British and Irish homes to have potteries that were entirely for decoration and not meant to be eaten on, so much so that they were displayed very proudly on the top shelves of their open-fronted drawers. In fact, in European castles, special rooms were made to boast of porcelain and ceramic possessions. It was a class statement in those times.

The craze for wall plates has picked up again, as it is considered a unique way of home decoration without much investment. The choice of designs, arrangement, and artistic setting up of plates speak a lot about the owner’s personality, preferences, and choice. Printed ceramic decoration plates have found a home in traditional, conventional, ultra-contemporary, and modern households that do not have access to very expensive art pieces.

For those of us who don’t have unlimited budgets or unlimited art collections, it’s fun to get creative with how you decorate the walls,” says Martin, who’s known for her signature pattern punch.

Displayed alone, in pairs, on a breakfront, buffet, centerpiece on a table or credenza, or mounted on the wall, it just looks stunning. Not just our own homes, the ceramic decorative plates, make very good gifts for housewarming, to newlyweds, for connoisseurs of affordable luxurious art having an eye for detail and perfection. The decorative plates from kolorobia change the whole vibe of the home bringing in color, vibrance, perking up the finishing of the entire space offering it an extra statement.

These impressive,  decorative wall plates whether hung on a wall or displayed on a stand in the room become a lovely topic of conversation between you and your guests showcasing your taste and preference while giving a happy feel to the ambiance.

The wall plates at Kolorobia are manufactured in our own workshops and their designs and details are created by hand by our own artists, which is why it takes days to weeks to produce these extraordinary decorative plates. These can be easily adapted for hanging or displayed on a stand as it comes with both options. No matter what the design each plate is made of, a grouping of plates, mixing and matching, or a homogenous collection, it gives a flawless finishing touch to the home décor telling a story of your panache and class. So, the best advantage is that you can easily change the look of your home by just swapping or replacing the unique decorative plates to give a fresh expression and charisma to your design sense without any investment.

The Wallplates at Kolorobia is made from bone china in high gloss and satin silk finishes. The prints are Non-toxic/ heavy metals free, ROHS compliant, but are not recommended for eating on. The decorative plates are  Microwave and dishwasher safe, though it is advisable to wipe them with a damp cloth. The wall plates are usually round varying from 7.5 to 10 inches. A plethora of designs like abstract, figurative, floral, region inspired, history, architecture, caricatures, and many other forms are essentially paintings on ceramics, that are NOT hand painted.  But adding some decorations by hand over printed decorations, make them stand out, adds value, giving the plates a semi-handmade look.

A full set of decorative wall plates, or completing a set, is a very strong buying emotion. At Kolorobia, this can be easily achieved, because we house different colors and sizes of the same design to fulfill each one’s fancy. Even more, the existing designs can be customized in the colors of your choice* if you are keen to make a harmonious blend of wall plates as per your imagination. Contact us for more information.

Kolorobia wall plates come in a beautiful gift box. Packaging of wall plates adds value to the product in the form of branded gift wrapping. The impeccable packaging of these products makes sure that the wall plates are not damaged, broken and is a pleasure to open the box.

Stylish people are using plates to brighten their walls, tables, consoles, mantles, and more.

Spectacular wall plates from Kolorobia are a rare possession.


*Charges apply







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