A gift is something special you give someone important as a token of affection and gratitude. Be it professional or personal relationships, gifts bring with them the vibes of positivity, joy, and excitement.


Importance of gift

Feelings impart energy that can be sensed but as they are intangible, so those feelings might get transient and can’t be preserved forever. Out of happiness/pride/remorse/gratefulness or any other emotion, you want to do something for your near or dear ones and thus, you give them gifts. Gifts symbolize your feelings of love, care, and your best wishes for the recipient’s welfare plus success. Gifts also provide the medium for your feelings that cannot be put in words. When you are not in touch with the receiver, your gift will be reminiscent of the pleasant times you both spent together.

Exchanging gifts aid in establishing harmonious relationships.


When are gifts given?

Gifts are associated with the times of celebration.

Interestingly, there are various A-Z occasions when you give presents:

A: Anniversary: To relive that special occasion, you give an anniversary gift and show that today also you remember that day when u celebrated it for the first/previous time. Anniversaries can be of Wedding, Corporate, Death, and many other notable events.

B: Birthday: Annual celebration of the day when someone was born. After blowing candles, the birthday cake is cut, and then receiving the birthday gifts becomes cherry on the cake for the celebrant. If it is your birthday, then giving return gifts will acknowledge the gracious presence of guests as a part of being host's hospitality.

C: Convocation ceremony: Congratulate by gifting the proud graduate for winning this well-deserved milestone in their career.

C: Charity: Philanthropists generously gift charity to the needy ones as ‘True character of a person reflects from the deeds he does for those who can do nothing for him'. However, I suggest that it is not favorable to gift charity to your friends/family as they might feel offended that they are being considered inferior.

D: Diwali: Diwali is a festival of lights. People enjoy the festive season beginning from Dhanteras to Diwali to Bhai Dooj by exchanging gifts that embody good luck wishes of cheerfulness & prosperity for each other. As many guests visit, so people clean and decorate their homes and workplaces. During such auspicious festivals, gift your homes with attractive Kolorobia artworks. The office staff also look forward to getting bonus & presents.

E: Engagement: Fiancé and fiancée exchange rings followed by gifts. Make it a fairy tale moment by selecting a ring for her from Kolorobia.

F: Farewell: When someone’s tenure ends at a place, it is bid by farewell. The farewell gift marks the memento of the nostalgic times spent at that place. During farewell parties held at school, college, any educational institute or office, the ambiance has simultaneous feelings of the pain of parting and anticipation of probable joining a new platform. Presenting a farewell gift is a sentimental moment whether you give it to your teacher, friend, colleague, senior or junior.

F: Father’s Day: Father is your first superhero whose contribution in raising you is priceless. Respect this valuable paternal bond by giving him Father’s Day gift. I made a painting for my dad and he got emotional with this heart-touching gift.

F: Friendship’s Day: Celebrate your friendship with that peer who always volunteers to make you cheer. Remember the buddy who especially took out time from a busy schedule to become all ears to your sad and happy talks. Give friendship’s day gifts to make new friends or reinforce companionship with old, close or best pals. Recently, I visited my childhood friend and I got misty-eyed when she showed me the gifts that I gave her many years ago.

G: Get well soon: By sending a get well soon gift to your near or dear one who is ill, you can express your concern and prayers for their speedy recovery. You may have heard ‘Smile is the only curve that makes everything straight’ and your gift will give them positive energy by bringing a shining smile on their face.

G: Get-together: Honour the invite and gift the host for organizing a wonderful event having tasty dishes and liveliness radiated by guests.

H: Housewarming: Hosts throw a housewarming party to show their new homes. I advise that you can explore various Kolorobia products such as tableware, placemats, tea & coffee mugs, napkins, barware, serve ware, décor, lighting, coasters, mini photo frame, etc., that will add charm to the new house.

H: Halloween: “Trick or Treat” is what you hear during Halloween that occurs 31st October every year. This tradition started with the Samhain festival where people wore scary costumes to ward off the evil spirits. If you are hosting a spooky Halloween party with entertaining games, then treat the Halloween King/Queen and game-winners with enchanting gifts.

I: Independence Day: The most important day in the history of a country when it got freedom from oppressing foreign rule. This day is celebrated every year to pay homage to the contributions of freedom fighters and patriotic martyrs. Citizens sing the national anthem, unfurl the national flag, fly kites, and exchange Independence Day-themed gifts.

J: Jubilee: It is a particular anniversary of an activity or event. 25th anniversary is termed as Silver Jubilee, 50th as Golden Jubilee, 60th as Diamond Jubilee,70th as platinum jubilee, and so on. A jubilee gift denotes a noteworthy landmark attained in a relationship.

J: Just like that: You can gift without any special occasion. This will even make ordinary times as extraordinary and memorable. Why just gift others? You can also gift yourself a present.

K: Karwachauth: An Indian festival is when the wife keeps fast for the well-being of her husband. The husband presents his wife with Karwachauth's gift to honor her abstention, from food and drink, starting from sunrise until moonrise. Gifts are also exchanged between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law as the former sends sargi i.e., pre-dawn meal to the latter.

L: Lohri: North Indian festival Lohri marks the end of winter and is celebrated with a bonfire, mouthwatering meals, dance, and gift exchanges. If it is the first Lohri for the newlywed couple or newborn baby in a family, then the level of Lohri celebration multiplies.

M: Mother’s Day: Our Mom loves us beyond measure. She is very particular about the nitty-gritty we require and helps in fulfilling every desire even though she has to make sacrifices. She keeps all family members healthy and happy together, we know how lucky we are to have her as our mother. So, give her a gorgeous Mother’s Day gift to thank her for her undying care and blessings.

N: New Year: New year calls for the time to move on to new beginnings and new resolutions. In new year parties, the countdown is voiced over till clock strikes midnight, and then “Happy New Year” is chorused. New year gifts are exchanged amongst family, friends, and office colleagues to wish each other an amazing and blissful upcoming year.

O: Onam: It is a 10-day festival celebrated in Kerala marked by extravagant feasting, dance, and boat races. So, people exchange Onam gifts such as sweets, apparel, holy silver almighty idols, jewelry, etc.

P: Promotion party: Congratulatory Promotion gift conveys your best wishes for them in shouldering new responsibility upon achieving a higher designation in the workplace.

Q: Quinceañera: A girl’s 15th birthday celebration i.e., when she progresses from girlhood to womanhood. Traditional Quinceañera gifts are tiaras, jewellery, rosaries, etc.

R: Retirement: Give a retirement gift that can be used while pursuing a hobby in the free relaxation time. Now, the retiree can be your school teacher, college professor, an officer, or someone who is withdrawing his/her long-term tenure, so gift them something that will serve as a keepsake.

R: Reward: Gift can act as bait by parents for their child to perform well in exams. Finally, upon attaining excellent results, parents reward their children with a gift to express their elation and pride. I still remember that my parents promised me a gift of a new set of earrings if I get outstanding marks in college and this motivated me to work harder without procrastination. You can also reward your near or dear one with a gift when they achieve an accomplishment.

R: Rakshabandhan: A festival when a sister ties rakhi on her brother’s wrist. Sister prays for her brother’s good health and the brother promises to protect her from any harm. The Rakshabandhan gift is a way to say that may their sacred sibling bond prosper.


S: Sorry: Whether we made a mistake knowingly or unknowingly, but if it has hurt our near or dear one, then it needs to be mended. It might be hard to say ‘Sorry' for the minor or major mistake we made. So, let the gift do this job. Gifts create magic that helps to vanish all the complaints existing in any relationship and rekindle amity. A sorry gift will encourage the recipient to forgive and forget the grudges, as well as zero down the weight of guilt in the sender’s heart.

T: Teacher’s Day: Teachers explain concepts and mentor the students in career development. With a gift, thank your teachers for their able guidance and wise tips. Give tribute to your teachers for their tutelage and the hard work they put in to sharpen your critical thinking abilities. Teacher’s day gifts can include fancy Kolorobia notebooks, mugs, stationery, bouquet, etc.

U: Ugadi festival: This represents the beginning of a new year in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Telangana. The entrances are decorated with banana leaves, people commence new ventures, wear new clothes, and exchange Ugadi gifts such as worship idols, sweets, potted plants, etc.

V: Valentine: As gifts foster the feelings of fondness & love, so flatter your bae Valentine with fascinating presents. If you want to gift surprisingly, cover the eyes of your beloved with a hand or ribbon and then reveal the gift.

W: Wedding: The romantic D-day in the lives of bride and groom when they tie the knot to spend the rest of their lives together. I suggest that gift your spouse with personalized gift sets to express that it is just for him/her. If you are a guest, then raise a toast to the newly wedded couple with your wedding gift, wishing them a lifetime of togetherness and happiness.

X: X-mas: Jesus Christ’s birth is celebrated as Christmas on 25th December every year. The Christmas tree is decorated with glittering fairy lights & bells, carols are merrily sung and someone dressed up as Santa Claus distributes Xmas gifts. When I was a preteen, I used to keep a sock beside my bed with an expectation of Santa Claus secretly placing a gift in it. Voila! Next Xmas morning, the gift was right there (kept by my parents). Christmas gifts can be candy, coins, photo frames, coasters, tea & coffee mugs, or anything that you want to give your loved ones as a mythical Santa Claus.

Y: Yoga Day: Yoga Day is observed worldwide on 21 st June every year. Yoga is a set of beneficial physical posing exercises involving breath control, meditation that keep our mind sound within a healthy body. Yoga can also help in improving relationships as it is a stress buster and provides mental peace. Gift yoga lovers, yogi, and yoga gurus who are propagating this spiritual yogic culture in society.

Z: Zero discrimination day: Every year on March 1, this day is dedicated to terminate discrimination against gender, race, color, class, nationality, income, age, disability, class, religion, and ethnicity. The aim is to promote inclusion, empowerment, and compassion by eradicating all types of inequalities. So, gift the ones who face injustice and celebrate unity in diversity.

There are many more occasions when we exchange gifts but a common fact is that these precious moments will be captured in photographs that will be cherished forever, so don’t forget to be all groomed up and well-dressed.


Why does gift-giving matter?

The real value of gifting occurs when it is done selflessly without expecting anything in return. Giving appropriate gifts make you enter into the good books of the receiver. The gift catalyzes to strengthen any relationship.

Your kind gesture of gift-giving will inspire the recipient and spectators to gift further, continuing the noble chain of gifting.


Gifting Guide:

The passionate urge to impress your known ones drives you to give them gifts but it hurts when you get to know that your gift has been regifted or discarded. Therefore, while selecting an apt gift, you can consider the following points about your gift’s receiver:

Type of occasion: Give a present suitable to the occasion.

  • Receiver’s personality, likes, interests, and dislikes: For instance, once I wanted to gift my mentor to thank her for the sincere advice she gave me. So, I enquired about her favorites from her siblings and I got to know that she likes Mahbubani art. Accordingly, I gifted her a Mahbubani art mug. She was amazed that how come I knew about her likings and appreciated that I took interest in knowing her interests. You can know more about your giftee from their social media profiles also.

  • Useful and reasonable price: Give a gift that proves to be an asset (which your recipient can use) and not a liability. Sometimes, a gift is useful but costly so a few gift-givers pool in their money together and present a contributed gift to the celebrant.
  • Quality: Product gifts should be of high quality and have good durability. Your reputation in the eyes of the receiver is at stake when you give gifts, so please don’t compromise on quality.

  • Wishlist: Recall the conversations you have had with your giftee and try to figure out his/her needs or wishes. Maybe there is something your giftee wanted to purchase but could not do so due to lack of time or any other reason. If you gift him/her that thing, your gift will be considered a thoughtful one.

  • Aesthetics: The beauty of your gift might also be judged when it is used or displayed in front of many people.

  • Kind of relationship: Now, your gift’s receiver can be anyone ranging from your family member, neighbor, extended family members, workplace colleague(s)/senior(s)/junior(s), teacher(s)/Mentor(s), beloved, friends, business associates to normal acquaintances. Depending on the nature of your relationship with them, you should choose a gift. Informal gifts can be anything they like while corporate gifts are supposed to be business-like. A gift you choose for your grandparent might not work for your friend or co-worker.

  • Troubleshoot: Your gift that might help in solving any of their problems will always be treasured.

  • USP: A unique feature about your gift that will make it stand out from other people’s gifts. E.g., at a birthday party, the celebrant might find a few gifts interesting or useless but finds yours as the best one i.e., gift competition.

After all, you are investing your time, energy, and hard-earned money in buying and presenting the gift, so choosing the right gift is important. If your target giftee accepts and appreciates the gift from the bottom of your heart, then it will imply that your endeavors of gifting have been fruitful.


Feelings of gift giver and impact on the gift receiver

Both giver and receiver enjoy the healthy psychological benefits enthusing over the gift, thus, making it a win-win situation.


Upon receiving the present, the giftee’s heart euphorically pounds “Yay!” and greets the gifter with “Thank You”. During that brief period of unwrapping the gift, the recipient is thrilled to know what is inside the gift box while the gifter also wants to know the reaction that how giftee will accept the gift and experiences sudden adrenaline rush similar to the mental state of students when they keep their fingers crossed hoping for good marks at the time of announcement of exam results. Finally, on seeing the actual gift, the receiver’s eyes sparkle with jollity if the gift is liked, which in turn satisfies the gifter that the efforts of giving the present have been productive.

Hence, the virtuous action of gifting others enables you to gift yourself self-gratification along with cleansing of the soul.


Why give Kolorobia gifts?

I want to share an anecdote…


I rang the doorbell of my best friend, Ruby’s home and immediately hid the housewarming party gift behind my back as I wanted to surprise her. Ruby saw through her door peephole that it was me and fumed with anger as I had forgotten to greet her birthday last week. She opened the door with full force to yell at me but I quickly put forth the gift and all her fury diminished to a sweet smile on seeing the gift. Then, I was welcomed in. I wished her a belated birthday plus congratulated her for her new home and presented the gift in her hands. Ruby excitedly opened the premium box and exclaimed “Wow!” on finding the spectacular Kolorobia decorative plates. She thanked me delightedly and hung those beautiful gift plates at an appropriate position on the wall.

Party guests were wonderstruck by the splendid craftsmanship of the Decorative plates. In fact, the wall ornamented with Kolorobia gift plates became the favorite picturesque background spot for guests to get their photos clicked. At the conclusion of the party, Ruby complimented that I gave her the best gift ever, such that those charismatic wall plates will always make her remind about me.



“Gifting magnificent Kolorobia artwork(s) to kin and known ones is a key to promote friendship and goodwill.”

Since last year, the exchange of gifts in person became impossible as the face-to-face meeting parties couldn’t be held due to physical movement restrictions. Virtual parties have come in trend. So, you can select a Kolorobia item available on or other online portals to get it delivered to your special one’s address. In fact, the recipient will appreciate that you went the extra mile by thinking about them and sending the gift, even sitting distant away.


Knock Knock!

Who’s there?

Delivery Boy.

Delivery Boy, Who?

Delivery Boy from Kolorobia

(Bam!) The door opened and the gift was received.


"This time, it was not an ordinary door knock for the receiver as Kolorobia gift in the form of a sweet surprise was waiting to be received."


I recommend that at Kolorobia, you will find worthy items such that your gift’s receiver will proudly flaunt your gift in front of the third person and praise your choice.

Happy Gifting

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