Decorative Wall Plate - Illuminati Evil Eye Series

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Kolorobia introduces an elegant decor plate featuring a stunning evil eye motif encased inside a triangle. This plate adds a touch of sophistication and mystique to any room in your home or office. The evil eye symbolises protection against negative energy. If you are a believer and an art enthusiast who falls for its beauty, this will be your next favourite decor piece amidst your present decor collection. It comes with a wall hook and a table stand, making it easier to place on a table or hang on a wall. You can also choose this as a pleasant gift for your friends revamping their home or office decor. For a convenient gifting experience, this decor plate is packed inside a complimentary ready-to-gift box and doesn’t require a gift wrap.

8 Inch Plates -

Length - 19cm

Breadth - 19cm

Height - 2cm

Weight - 305gm

10 Inch Plates -

Length - 26cm

Breadth - 26cm

Height - 2.5cm

Weight - 609gm

Size: 8 Inch
Select Artwork: Illuminati Evil Eye - Gloss