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Black Mugs - Tropical Paradise

Sale price₹ 425.00
Select Artwork: Tropical Paradise
Color: Black

In the world of Kolorobia, where aesthetics and functionality intertwine seamlessly, you will find a wide collection of these impressive black mugs. Imagine leisurely mornings as you cradle your steaming cup of coffee, the gentle wisps of aromatic bliss filling the air. The smooth, ebony surface of the mug feels like a work of art in your hands, its enigmatic beauty enhancing your personal sanctuary.

Whether nestled amidst a lavish breakfast spread or perched delicately on your desk, this black marvel effortlessly elevates the ambience, capturing the essence of sophistication. Each brushstroke and hue on the mug tells a story, a tale that our in-house artist has weaved to create an exclusive masterpiece. Gift these to someone special with a complimentary ready-to-gift box by Kolorobia. Happy gifting!

Length - 8cm

Breadth - 8cm

Height - 10cm

Weight - 329gm