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Pride Grosgrain Ribbon D-Ring Embroidered Belt

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Kolorobia brings to you a line of exclusive ribbon belts which are more than just a functional accessory. These trendsetting belts not just add a defined silhouette but also enhance your overall outfit to instantly make you stand out. The coloured stripes of the belts will accentuate your signature style while keeping it bold yet simple whereas the different embroidery designs give you a number of options to choose from.

From selecting high-end water-resistant grosgrain fabric to adding the final touch with a striking embroidery, a detailed crafting process lies behind the making of these fine ribbon belts. The delicate embroidery is done using fine OEKO-TEX certified imported threads. The fabric used is sturdy and refined. The entire look of the belt is finished with a D-ring that holds the belt in place. Browse our ribbon belts collection and select your favourites.
Size: XS(26-29 Inches)
Select Artwork: Pride