Rio Grosgrain Ribbon D-Ring Embroidered Belts

Size: XS (26-29 Inches)
Select Artwork: Rio
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Kolorobia brings to you a line of unisex ribbon belts which are more than just belts. These grosgrain belts are trendsetters and help to achieve an outstanding look. The coloured stripes of the belts are meant to add a distinct flair to your overall outfit. Keep it simple yet bold with Kolorobia’s ribbon belt. You can explore our line for different embroidered designs available in different sizes.

Kolorobia selects high-end grosgrain fabric, a fabric that is sturdy, water-resistant, and refined. The different colour combinations give out different pattern to play with a new look with your wardrobe. The entire look of the belt is finished with a classic D-ring. Browse our ribbon belts collection and pick a belt for yourself or for your favourite people.