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Wooden Trays - Camel Glory

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Size: Small
Select Artwork: Princely Camel

Procuring the cultural vibes straight from Rajasthan, our in-house artist hand-painted this enchanting illustration on a canvas first and later we printed it on this tray to provide a tenacious print. To make sure you enjoy each attribute of the tray, it has been made with fine wood that has been duly polished. Moreover, its strength and durability have been approved after strict tests before it reaches you. A soft and wet cloth is all it takes to clean up the tray after use and ensure a long life of its aesthetics. Snag this today and let your tablescape look more elegant. Presenting this to a friend who loves to hoard pretty decor or cultural souvenirs would also be a fabulous idea. Kolorobia’s complimentary ready-to-gift box that comes along with every product you buy makes it even more fun!