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Shot Glasses - Italian Prune Plums

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Select Artwork: Italian Prune Plums
Set Of: Two
Material: Glass

Your personal bar at home will light up with the presence of this pair of shot glasses and will even make you forget a visit to your favorite pub. While you are in the mood to relax and enjoy some drinks at home, these stylish shot glasses will be by your side to add more to the fun. You will be glad to know that the plums design beautifying the cover of these glasses was first hand-painted by our artist and later printed for a sustainable impression. These purplish-blue plums of Italy feel like sweet heaven on the taste buds and are used in various ways to enrich the Italian cuisine. Explore our Frutti d’Italia (Fruits of Italy) collection for more such designs on these lovely pairs of shot glasses. These lovely shot glasses are a combined product of toughened glass and high gloss finish. They come in an appropriate size to pour drinks and gulp them down in a few seconds. Needless to say, they will enhance the decor of your bar and set the mood right! The pretty plum design is a limited edition so place your order right away before they get sold out. These shot glasses will be delivered inside a complimentary gift box from Kolorobia. Wish to gift these to your friends? No need to pack further as the elegant gift box will be enough.